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Triggering the creation of biomass logistic centres by the agro-industry

Development and implementation of a new, and non-existent, logistic chain on biomass from pruning

Biomass Policies
Strategic Initiative for Resource Efficient Biomass Policies

Optimising Pathways and Market Systems for Enhanced Competitiveness of Sustainable Bio-Energy

Biomass Availability and Sustainability Information System

New innovative solutions to forest biomass supply in the EU

Logistics for Energy Crops Biomass

Biomass Energy Europe

Classification on European Biomass Potential for Bioenergy using Terrestrial and Earth Observations

Biomass Futures
Biomass role in achieving the Climate Change & Renewables EU policy Targets. Demand and Supply dynamics under the perspective of Stakeholders

Biomass Trade Centers
Development of Biomass Trade and Logistics Centres for Sustainable Mobilisation of Local Biomass Resources

Biomass Based Energy Intermediates Boosting Biofuel Production

Phytoremediation driven energy crops production on heavy metal degraded areas as local energy carrier

Wood based energy systems from Nordic forests

Forest Energy Portal

five year (2012-2016) joint research and innovation programme

A platform supporting the EU Strategy for the Danube Region in Research & Innovation with focus on knowledge society and competitiveness

Distributed, integrated and harmonised forest information for bioeconomy outlooks

Marktmodell Forst und Holz
Entwicklung eines regionalen Marktmodells für die Forst- und Holzwirtschaft

QUI Biomasse
Innovations for sustainable biomass utilization in the Upper Rhine Region

Federal Research Institute for Forest, Snow and Landscape WSL
The role of biomass in Switzerland’s future energy system

Evidence-based recommendations for the design of the Swiss bioenergy future









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