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YearAuthor(s)Title (download)
2017 Thees et al. Biomassenpotenziale der Schweiz für die energetische Nutzung: Ergebnisse des Schweizerischen Energiekompetenzzentrums SCCER BIOSWEET
2015 IEA Bioenergy Bioenergy: Land-use and mitigating iLUC - Summary and conclusions from the IEA Bioenergy ExCo74 Workshop
2015 C. Panoutsou et al. New supply & demand data on biomass use for energy, fuels & organic chemicals in Europe
2015 Nova Institute
Aeschelmann et al.
Bio-based Building Blocks and Polymers in the World
2015 Daioglou et al. Projections of the availability and cost of residues from agriculture and forestry
2015 G. Mendes Souza et al Bioenergy and sustainability: bridging the gaps
2015 E4tech, RE-CORD, WUR From the Sugar Platform to biofuels and biochemicals”. Final report for the European Commission Final report for the European Commission
2014 Elbersen et al. A framework with an integrated computer support tool to assess regional biomass delivery chains
2014 Nova-Institute
Carus et al.
Options for Designing a New Political Framework of the European Bio-based Economy
2014 Nova-Institute
Piotrowski et al.
New nova Methodology for Techno-Economic Evaluations of Innovative Industrial Processes (nTEE)
2014 Federation of German Chemical Industries
(VCI), Tilman Benzing
CEFIC, José Mosquera
Measuring Bio-Based raw materials
use in the chemical industry
  Lux Research
Andrew Soare
Feedstock Doesn’t Just ‘Grow on Trees’: Finding Available Feedstocks for Next-generation Biofuels and Biochemicals

Leire Iriarte
Uwe R. Fritsche
Luc Pelkmans

Impact of promotion mechanisms for advanced and low-iLUC biofuels on markets. IEA Bionergy Task 40: Sustainable International bioenergy trade


Area grown for bioenergy in England and the UK:2008-213


Government Forestry and Woodlands Policy Statement

Elbersen et al.

Review of the EU bioenergy potential from  a resource efficiency perspective Background report to EEA study

Dıaz-Yanez et al.

Forest chips for energy in Europe: Current procurement methods and potentialsand potentials


UK bioenergy strategy


Independent Panel on Forestry

Anttila et al.

Potential and supply costs of wood chips from forests in Soria, Spainin Soria, Spain

Cambridge Econometrics, Wuppertal Institute
Hector Pollitt

Sustainability Scenarios for a Resource Efficient Europe

Mantau et al.

EUwood-Final report

Mantau et al.

Methodology report: Real potential for changes in growth and use of EU forests

J.W.A. Langeveld and J. P. M. Sanders

Towards sustainability

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