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S2Biom summer school

Athens, Greece
17-20 May 2016

S2Biom project organised a 4 days summer school for Master, PhD and Post-doc students, as well as for researchers from universities and other research institutions. In total around 50 participants attended the summer school which has been hosted by the National Technical University of Athens (NTUA) in Zografou Campus in Athens. The summer school included following sessions:

  • Sustainable supply of non-food biomass to support a “resource-efficient” Bioeconomy in Europe
  • Estimation of biomass availability for lignocellulosic biomass
  • Biomass conversion technologies
  • Matching the biomass to conversion technologies
  • Biomass logistics
  • Policies & case studies

Summerschool Athens

More information and agenda can be found HERE.

Read the summary report of the summer school!

Invitation Flyer

Summer school presentations:

Day 1:Biomass supply & S2Biom toolset

Day 2: Conversion technologies

Day 3: Logistics

Day 4: Policy and case studies

S2Biom webinars

Webinar 3: S2Biom Biomass & Technology Matching Tool ‘Bio2Match’

15 September 2016, 11.00 – 12.00 a.m. CET

Webinar about the S2Biom biomass and technology matching tool has been organised on Thursday, 15 September 2016.

'Bio2Match' tool has been developed in the S2Biom project and it guides the user in selecting the optimal match between available biomass resources and conversion technologies. In this webinar the tool developers described the data and methodology behind Bio2Match and demonstrated how the tool works. Participants were provided with access to the online tool and received support information for the tool testing after the webinar. Watch the webinar:

Download the presentation

Webinar 2: Demonstration and testing of the S2Biom Tool ‘BeWhere’

19 February 2016, 10.00 – 11.00 a.m. CET

Webinar about the S2Biom tool 'BeWhere' has been organised on 19 February 2016. 'BeWhere' tool answers the question:

What is the optimal technology, location and capacity of bio-energy production plants, based on the minimisation of the costs and emissions of the whole supply chain at local, regional and European level?

Watch the webinar:

Webinar 1: S2Biom computerised toolset testing - Biomass Cost/Supply Tool

11 December 2015, 10.00 – 11.00 a.m. CET

The first S2Biom webinar took was organised on 11 December 2015. The objective of the webinar was to test the first version of the computerised toolset developed in the S2Biom project. The webinar provided answers to the following questions:

  • How much and what type of biomass is available in certain regions or countries?
  • What are the cost-supply figures of the available biomass in certain regions and countries?
  • How to design an optimal biomass delivery chain and network in a particular region and how to analyse spatial implications and the environmental and economic performance?


  • Berien Elbersen, DLO, Netherlands
    Overview of S2BIOM tool box and testing biomass cost-supply tool (User instructions)
  • Bert Annevelink, DLO, Netherlands
    Testing LocaGIStics tool for biomass chain design and evaluation (PPT presentation, User instructions)

In order to access the tools, please follow these steps:

P.S.: The data displayed in all the tools are preliminary data. They should be regarded as draft/dummy data. The final data will be included later.

If you encounter problems to login and if you have any questions concerning the functionalities of the tools, please contact Berien Elberson at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

S2Biom dissemination workshops

S2Biom webinars

S2Biom summer school

Other events:

S2Biom final consortium meeting

Bratislava, Slovakia
29 November 2016

Copa-Cogeca Workshop "What instruments/tools to develop logistics for the agriculture and forestry biomass supply chain?”

Brussels, Belgium
16 November 2015

On the occasion of the Copa-Cogeca workshop, the S2Biom project was presented by the coordinators Calliope Panoutsou and Ludger Wenzelides. For more information about the presentation please click HERE.

Workshop on "Bioeconomy Information System and Observatory (BISO) - Environmental Sustainability Assessment"

Ispra, Italy
2 October 2015

This workshop, which has been co-organised at own initiative by the European Commission – Joint Research Centre, Institute for Environment and Sustainability, Sustainability Assessment Unit and Imperial College – London, Centre for Energy Policy & Technology, aimed at presenting and discussing with both EC and non-EC stakeholders:

  • The achieved progress since the last workshop (November 2014) in the environmental sustainability assessment of bioeconomy chains by sectors (food & feed, bio-products and bioenergy);
  • The so-identified gaps and consequently – the indicative plans for the future;

More information about the workshop can be found HERE.

S2Biom 3rd consortium meeting

Ispra, Italy
29-30 September 2015

Webinar on WGCB Activity Group 4 “Towards sustainable modern wood energy development”

24 June 2015

As it has been discussed and decided at the previous GBEP Steering Committee meeting in Rome on November 2014, the webinar has been organized. It  focused on the recommendations of the report “Towards sustainable modern wood energy development”, presented to the last GBEP Working Group on Capacity Building, and the discussion how to address the provided recommendations.

Conference: Towards a Sustainable Bioeconomy - Innovative Methods and Solutions for the Agriculture and Forest Sectors

Barecelona, Spain
21-23 October 2015

The conference included six scientific sessions:

  1. Transition towards bioeconomy: changing production systems and consumption patterns
  2. Innovative climate change mitigation strategies for the forest-based sector
  3. Assessing sustainability in forestry, agriculture and related bioenergy systems
  4. Optimal forest operations for a sustainable biomass supply
  5. Environmental challenges for the bioeconomy
  6. Economic and social challenges for the bioeconomy

The Sciency-Policy-Practice interaction day (22 Oct) focused on the topic Cascade use of biomass.

Is cascading use of biomass a superior concept in the context of a sustainable bioeconomy? Can we prove it is beneficial for land managers, industry and society? Are there winners and losers? What are the drivers or barriers to cascade use? Do we need additional rules and regulations? These are some of the questions to be discussed in a series of interactive sessions – see more details in the day’s programme.

IEE-II Bioenergy Projects Conference

Brussels, Belgium
22 May 2014

The European Commission organised an event in order to present the impacts and results acheived by IEE bioenergy projects in the biogas and solid biomass sectors. The proceedings of this event are now available on the EASME website.

9th International Bioenergy Conference
Valladolid, Spain
21 October 2014

The three sister projects of S2Biom (INFRES, EuroPruning and LogistEC) organized a common workshop on storage and densification of biomass. More information about the programme is given HERE.

Workshop on Developing and Reviewing Assumptions and Scenarios on Bioenergy demand and Biomass Use 
Brussels, Belgium
6 October 2014

The workshop offered an important opportunity to give input to and discuss assumptions and scenarios in the ‘Resource efficiency impacts of future EU bioenergy demand’ (ReceBio) project. The purpose of the day was:

• To present initial analysis from the study for comment

• To discuss how this can be developed into a concrete basis for modelling work, to be completed later in 2014 and 2015.

S2Biom 2nd Consortium Meeting
Vantaa, Finland
18-19 October 2014

S2Biom WP-leaders meeting at the 22nd European Biomass Conference and Exhibition
Hamburg, Germany
26 June 2014

S2Biom First PIAC (Policy and Industry Advisory Committee) meeting
Brussels, Belgium
13 February 2014

The meeting brougth together PIAC members and WP leaders of the S2Biom project to discuss and interact on the work plan for 2014. Input of members of the PIAC team has been vital to the project and resulted in advice on the strategy of the project.

S2Biom Kick-off-Meeting
Berlin, Germany
18-20 September 2013

The Kick-off-meeting of the S2Biom project took place on 18-20 September in Berlin Germany, where under the coordination of FNR the consortium fine-tuned the work programme for the upcoming three project years. The Kick-off-meeting has been an internal meeting for the consortium only.

S2Biom dissemination workshops

Final S2Biom dissemination workshop

Bratislava, Slovakia
30 November 2016

On 30th of November, 2016 the final S2Biom dissemination workshop has been organised in Bratislava, Slovakia. The workshop was a part of the joint event “Biomass for growth: potentials and challenges of bioenergy in the Danube Region” and took place at the DOUBLE TREE by Hilton Hotel, Trnavská cesta 27/A, Bratislava, Slovakia. The workshop was one of the side events of 'SET Plan – Central European Energy Conference X' and was organised in cooperation between Danube – INCO.NET and S2Biom projects.

S2Biom Bratislava


Download presentations:

Welcome, presentation of the Danube-INCO.NET, clustering activities and the S2BIOM project
Alessandro Lombardo, CEI, Italy and Ludger Wenzelides, FNR, Germany

The Danube-INCO.NET Pilot action 1 and 2, achieved results and future challenges
Felix Gajdusek, ZSI, Austria and Miklós Gyalai-Korpos, PANNON Pro Innovations, Hungary

European programmes supporting biomass
Jürgen Raizner, Steinbeis - Donau - Zentrum, Germany

Overview on Danube Region Action Plan for Biomass
Veronika Šiková, European Policies Coordination Department, Office of the Government of the Czech Republic

Bioeast Initiative, bioeconomy in the CEE regions
Anikó Juhász, CEO Research Institute of Agricultural Economics of Hungary

European Technology and Innovation Platform on Bioenergy
Dina Bacovsky, Bioenergy 2020+

Support of bioenergy and advanced biofuel technologies in the Horizon 2020 Work Programme "Secure, Clean and Efficient Energy"
Dr. Thomas Schleker, DG Research, European Commission

Ligno-cellulosic biomass in the region: data & tools for the assessments
Berien Elbersen, DLO, Netherlands

Roadmap for lignocellulosic biomass in the Danube region
Calliope Panoutsou, Imperial College, United Kingdom

Case studies in Germany, Poland, Serbia, Slovenia and Ukraine
Ludger Wenzelides, FNR, Germany and Peter Canciani, CEI, Italy

S2Biom workshop in Spain: Analysis of opportunities for the Agro-Biomass in Aragon region

Zaragoza, Spain
30 November 2016

On 30th November, 2016 S2Biom project partner CIRCE organized a workshop where S2Biom project results and review related to the on-going initiatives and funding opportunities have been presented.


The workshop was intended to promote synergies between the actors in agri-biomass sector: farmers, final consumers of agro-biomass or energy, including the agricultural industry, biomass distributors, engineering companies or pellets producers. The event has been addressed to all professionals in the agricultural biomass sector and aimed to share on-going initiatives for the promotion and use of agro-biomass in the Aragon region. More than 60 people attended the workshop.

Workshop Spain

During the workshop CIRCE presented the online tools developed within the project. The presentation can be downloaded HERE.

S2Biom workshop in Finland: "Biomassan käyttö tulevaisuudessa biotuotteisiin ja energiaksi - Use of biomass for bioproducts and energy in the future"

Jyväskylä, Finland
17 November 2016

The workshop “Biomassan käyttö tulevaisuudessa biotuotteisiin ja energiaksi - Use of biomass for bioproducts and energy in the future” was held in Jyväskylä on 17 November 2016. It was organised by S2Biom partner VTT in cooperation with BEST programme. During the workshop several presentations were given, including the presentations of S2Biom advanced case study of Äänekoski Bioecosociety. Agenda of the event is provided HERE.

VTT workshop photo

Download presentations:

Eija Alakangas (VTT) – Introduction
Sylvain Leduc (IIASA) – Optimal use of woody biomass for bio-energy in Europe
Perttu Anttila (LUKE, EFI) – Sustainability of raw material supply for bioproduct mill
Kari Väätäinen (LUKE) – Discrete-event modelling of timber logistics
Mikko Hongisto (VTT) – Bioraaka-ainekäyttöön vaikuttavat ohjauskeinot – kestävyyskriteerit, LULUCF, kaskadikäyttö
Kristian Melin (VTT) – BEST programme - Case forest industry
Antti Arasto (VTT) – Poliittisten ohjauskeinojen vaikutus – biotuotteet ja bioenergia tulevaisuudessa
Jussi Manninen (VTT) – Miten kiertotalous muuttaa biotaloutta
Helena Reiman (Metsäkeskus) – Keski-Suomen puuvarat biotuotteisiin ja energiantuotantoon

S2Biom Dissemination Conference

Piran, Slovenia
16 June 2016

The S2Biom Dissemination Conference for the promotion of project results took place on June 16, 2016 in Piran, Slovenia, in the framework of the 2nd South East European Conference on Sustainable Development of Energy, Water and Environment Systems.

The conference aimed to keep stakeholders and the scientific community up-dated on progress and results of S2Biom project as well as to collect feedback from a broad qualified audience. The Conference has been tailored as a half-day side event within the 2nd SEE SDEWES Conference in order to reach out to a large audience of experts and practitioners form South-East European Countries.

Piran workshop new


Download presentations:

Welcome and overview - Peter Canciani, CEI
Sustainable supply of non-food biomass for a resource efficient bio-economy: review of the state-of-the-art - Ilze Dzene, WIP
Sustainable biomass as a driver for green growth in SEE - Neven Duic, SDEWES
Introduction to S2Biom project - Ludger Wenzelides, FNR
Mapping of the biomass availability and cost supply curves - Berien Elbersen, DLO
Matching biomass with conversion technologies for energy and bio-based products - Tijs Lammens, BTG and Berien Elbersen, DLO
Overview of main logistical components and concepts and presentation of the LocaGIStics Tool - Bert Annevelink, DLO
Presentation of the BeWhere Tool for optimal technology, location and capacity of bioenergy production plants - Sylvain Leduc, IIASA
S2Biom policy database overview and implications for SEE - Ruben Guisson, VITO
Case Study: Slovenia - Nike Krajnc, SFI
Case Study: Croatia - Boris Cosic, SDEWES
Case Study: Romania - Georgiana Birau, ROSENC
Case Study: Co-firing in SEE - Chrysovalantis Ketikidis, CERTH

S2Biom workshop at EUBCE 2016

Amsterdam, the Netherlands
9 June 2016

On 9th of June, 2016 on the occasion of the 24th European Biomass Conference and Exhibition (EUBCE 2016) the S2Biom project workshop has been organised. The workshop gathered 53 participants coming from 21 different countries and provided a platform for discussion and validation of tools developed in S2Biom project.

Amsterdam workshop

More information about the event, including agenda can be found HERE.

Workshop presentations:

The S2Biom project - Introduction. Ludger Wenzelides, FNR, Germany

Overview of S2BIOM Tool Box. Berien Elbersen, DLO, The Netherlands

Biomass & Technology Matching Tool 'Bio2Match'. Tijs Lammens, BTG, The Netherlands

BeWhere Tool for Optimal Technology, Location and Capacity of Bio-energy Production Plants and Evaluation. Sylvain Leduc, IIASA, Austria

LocaGIStics Tool for Biomass Chain Design and Evaluation. Bert Annevelink, DLO, The Netherlands

Workshop on "Vision for the sustainable and resource efficient biomass in Europe"

Ispra, Italy
1 October 2015

The workshop took place on 1 October 2015 in Ispra, Italy. The aim of the workshop was:

  • To present the Vision for sustainable and resource efficient biomass supply in Europe and discuss details of its main components.
  • To discuss gaps, future steps and integration of the Vision into future policy and strategy documents at EU, Energy Community Secretariat and national levels.

A briefing on the current status of bioeconomy and an outlook to biomass cost supply issues has been given as well. More information about the workshop is presented in the workshop programme.

Workshop presentations

S2Biom project Overview
Ludger Wenzelides, FNR, Germany

Vision for the sustainable & resource efficient biomass supply
Dirk Carrez, Clever Consult, Belgium

Bioeconomy: the market potential in 2020
Marc Londo, ECN, the Netherlands

Building a “resource efficient” bio-economy for Europe-Lignocellulosic biomass cost supply
Matthias Dees, ALU-FR University of Freiburg, Germany

Optimal conversion technologies in 2020
Douwe Van Den Berg, BTG, the Netherlands

Mobilisation of non-food biomass in a sustainable way
Leire Iriarte, IINAS, Germany

Optimised regulatory and political framework in 2020
Calliope Panoutsou, Imperial College London, United Kingdom

Workshop on Sustainable supply of ligno-cellulosic biomass in Europe. First results and tools testing of the S2Biom project

Brussels, Belgium
16 June 2015

This workshop gathered more than 40 stakeholders from the whole biomass supply chain and had the following objectives:

  • To provide detailed information about the project, its objectives and its methodology
  • To raise awareness of the opportunities from project activities and results
  • To mobilise commitment from participants to support project activities
  • To test and validate the toolsets for interactive biomass supply together with the stakeholders

Workshop programme (download)

Workshop presentations

Welcome - The S2Biom project - Introduction
Ludger Wenzelides, FNR, Germany
Calliope Panoutsou, Imperial College London, United Kingdom

Modelling and databases
Berien Elbersen, DLO, the Netherlands

Panel discussion on methodological approaches
Matthias Dees, ALU-FR University of Freiburg, Germany
Douwe Van Den Berg, BTG, the Netherlands
Bert Annevelink, DLO, the Netherlands
Berien Elbersen, DLO, the Netherlands

Strategies, R&D roadmaps
Calliope Panoutsou, Imperial College London, United Kingdom

Panel discussion on strategies, R&D roadmaps
Leire Iriarte, IINAS, Germany
Luc Pelkmans, VITO, Belgium
Marc Londo, ECN, the Netherlands
Calliope Panoutsou, Imperial College London, United Kingdom

Session 1: Validation and interactive testing
Peter Canciani, CEI, Italy,
Ludger Wenzelides, FNR, Germany

Session 2: Market review
Marc Londo, ECN, the Netherlands

Workshop on Sustainability issues for the deployment of bioeconomy
Ispra, Italy
20 November 2014

The aim of the workshop was to present the adaptation of the EU Environmental Footprint methodology to the specifics of non-food biomass value chains, assessed in the framework of S2Biom project and to present the country analysis profiles, discuss their outputs and integration to the related research of the S2Biom project in terms of policy and strategy formation.

A briefing on the status of benchmark and gap analysis of criteria and indicators for legislation, regulations and voluntary schemes at international and EU level, and in selected EU Member States and an outlook to consistent cross-sectoral sustainability criteria & indicators, and guidelines for evaluating bioeconomy value chain sustainability performance in the toolset development have been presented.

Workshop Background Note & Agenda

Workshop Summary

Welcome and scope of the workshop - B. Kavalov (Workshop Co-Coordinator, JRC-IES Sustainability Assessment Unit/SAU/), on behalf of C. Ciupagea, Head of SAU – JRC-IES
Overview – L. Iriarte, on behalf of U. Fritsche (IINAS)
Adaptation of the EU Environmental Footprint methodology to the specifics of non-food biomass value chains – S. Manfredi (JRC-IES-SAU)
Benchmark and gap analysis of criteria and indicators – State of Play – L. Iriarte (IINAS)
Selected Country Analyses of Sustainable Bioeconomy in Europe – C. Panoutsou (Workshop Co-Coordinator, Imperial College London, Centre for Energy Policy and Technology)
Belgium and the Netherlands – L Pelkmans (VITO) & B.Elbersen (DLO)
Germany – L. Wenzelides (FNR) & U. Fritsche (IINAS)
Scandinavia and Baltic States – E. Alakangas (VTT)
Spain – D. Sanchez (CENER)
Bulgaria & Turkey – B. Kavalov (JRC-IES-SAU) & I. Breshkov (UNWE, on behalf of JRC-IES-SAU) & Y. Kayam (JRC-IESSAU)
Greece, Croatia, Serbia – C. Panoutsou (Imperial College London)
Integration of country analyses & conclusions – C.Panoutsou (Imperial College London) & B. Kavalov (JRC-IESSAU)

Please contact the Project Partners or the Helpdesk for further information.


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S2Biom has received funding from the European Union’s 7th Framework Programme
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S2Biom project has been finalized on 30 November, 2016

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